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Course Features

Sacramento Magic Academy is delighted to present the Discover Magic Curriculum.  Here students will learn some of the most guarded secrets of magic, while making new friends. Discover Magic was designed with Kids ages 7- 12 in mind, Lets look at some of the cool features!


The complete Discover Magic course consists of eight 1-1/2 hour classes. Each class will concentrate on one of the 8 traits of a true magician.  Students will be learning great magic tricks, but they will also be learning valuable life skills that will help them be more successful in everything they do.

8 Traits

Discover Magic is based on the 8 traits of a true magician. These 8 traits are the life skills being taught. Upon completion of the class, the students are better prepared to be successful in school and in life!

Secret File Folders

Each class will include a special secret file folder that includes extra tricks.  It also has a secret word that will unlock a special video from the on-line video vault.  The on-line vault is accessed with a coded key card included in the package.

Custom Made Tricks

Each class will include a special custom made trick with full color instructions. The tricks will be taught in each class with special techniques that will help students learn faster and be better magicians!


Upon completion of the course students will be presented with a certificate and a special custom designed magic wand that is unique to each course!

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