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Magic Explorers

Welcome to the newest addition to our family! Magic Explorers is designed to be a fun and interactive introduction to magic for the younger crowd, ages 5-7.

Magic Explorers is a mixture of magic and art. Kids will recieve a Magic Adventure Pack (MAP) which will include a magic trick that the kids will be able to color and assemble.  They will learn to perform a trick with their new creation and have fun sharing it with their friends and family


There are currently 6 MAPs completed with more being developed, here is a description of  each MAP

Monster Mix Up

A monster is in 5 pieces, kids have a blast coloring this friendly monster. They lay the moster out on the table and mix him up while singing a song.

They turn all the pieces over, then wave a magic wand and when the monster is turned back over he has magically reassembled!

Balancing Bird

A bird is separated from the MAP.  It is colored in however the owner wants, coins are taped to the wings and the bird will now balance from the tip of his beak

Color Mixing

Kids learn about color mixing! 6 palettes are laid out on a table and a volunteer secretly chooses one of the colors on one of the palettes and the magician magically divines which color was chosen!

Vanishing Bird

After assembling and coloring in a bird inside a cage, the magician magically makes the bird disappear from the cage!

Star Tube

Magician shows a magic tube to be empty, then magically is able to blow into the tube and have a tissue appear

Upside Down Art

A picture starts out upside down and the magician magically makes it right side up

​Three of my good friends are the mascots for Magic Explorers, I know that they will be your good friends too!  lets meet them!

Hi! I am Popcorn the Frog and I am here to make sure everyone has FUN FUN FUN!

I’m Spotlight the Owl!

My job is to make sure that you always think of others

I’m Bravo the Beaver, I help you try your very best and never give up!