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magic camps

Sacramento Magic Academy Camps are becoming Purple Penguin Magic Camps!

When camps are available you can check out the schedules on the Current Classes page from the menu above.

Camps are divided into 2 groups based on age.


Magic Explorers

Magic Explorers Camps

 Magic Explorer camps are designed for ages 5 to 7, but older kids can have fun too.

All campers will recieve a T-Shirt, a full set of Magic Adventure Packs (MAPs) and a branded box of crayons to color in the MAPs!

Camp day are filled with magic, awesome  games and art projects!


1) Have Fun!

2. Do Your Best!

3. Think of Others

Click on the Magic Explorers page from the menu for more information


Magic Explorers

Purple Penguin Magic Camps

 Purple Penguin camps are designed for ages 7 to 12, but older kids can come and have fun too. All you need is a love of magic and a great attitude!

All campers will reccive a T-Shirt, a complete Wand Course  and a special branded bag to carry everything in!

Camp day are filled with magic, awesome  games and contests.  Everyone can win Magic Moolah that can be used to buy more magic at the end of camp!

There is a special Wheel of Fortune that can cause crazy things to happen, such as getting mummified with toilet paper or getting soaked with the Wet Head game. (see pictures from previous camps below!



Images from Past Camps

Camp T-Shirt

purple wand course

Here is the purple wand course contents

Spinning the wheel of fortune is a big hit every day

Kids win Magic Moolah to spend on more magic at the end of camp

purple wand course

One of the outcomes on the wheel of fortune is getting MUMMIFIED!

Another WOF outcome can be playing WetHead where you might get a little wet

Getting Creative with one of the tricks!

tic tac toe

Playing a special type of Tic Tac Toe, one of many special games available.

Kids are encouraged to get goofy and creative