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PP Magic Class

Discover Magic Courses

Get ready to take an amazing adventure into the exciting world of magic.

Purple Penguin Magic classes use the internationally acclaimed Discover Magic  Curriculum developed by some of the  top magicians of our time. This curriculum is  based on the 8 traits of a True Magician.

Each Course consists of 8 lesson which reveal important life skills to help build kid’s confidence and communication skills and impact the rest of their life!

Purple Penguin Magic classes are divided into 2 categories, Wand Courses and One-Day Wonders. 

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Wand Courses

Wand Courses are the basis of the Discover Magic curriculum.  Each wand course offers 8 individual lessons, each with its own fun and amazing magic prop,  specifically design for kids hands and a top secret file folder containing more fun information and a secret word that will unlock more videos from the video vault. Each wand course also comes with a special key card that allows the student to access the on-line video vault, a special completion certificate and a special colored wand! Each lesson also stresses one of the 8 traits of a True Magician 

Currently there are 4 different wand courses.

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peek a booOne Day Wonders

What is the One-Day Wonder Magic Class?

One Day Wonders are 45 minute presentations designed to give kids and adults a taste of what Discover Magic is all about.  They are filled with all the exitem

ent of our full courses. It is not only a magic show, it teaches the principles of a true magician. One Day Wonders were designed for School Assemblies, but can be adopted for any type of group. As with all Discover Magic classes the target age range is 7-12.

This is also an easy way to gauge whether or not your student would enjoy the full course.

Currently there are 3 different One Day Wonders. 

Scroll down for a description of each.


WIM 1dwWhat is Magic, is an interactive 45 minute presentation where students are shown a magic trick and then are taught how it works, thus revealing and educating students that Magic is science, math, music, art, theater, history, character building and limitless. At the end of
every program they are given top-secret file folders that go over everything they’ve learned during the performance and more!

Secrets of MagicThe Secrets of Magic show is an interactive 45-minute presentation
where the magician doesn’t do any of the tricks! Instead, students are brought up on stage and to their amazement, they perform all of the magic. In this show students take the very special Oath of a True Magician, promising to have fun, respect others and of course to never reveal the secrets. The show’s purpose is to build confidence in kids, help them believe in themselves and to discover that they can do anything. At the end of the performance students are given the NEW top-secret file folder which explains how the magic they performed throughout the show works, but the coolest part is that the folder shares that the REAL SECRET of MAGIC is them.

The Power Words Show is where kids learn that the words we use matter! While magic words like Hocus Pocus and Abracadabra are fun, REAL Magic Words like “Hello”, “Please”, “Thank You”, “I’m Sorry”, and “I Forgive You” (among others) are POWER WORDS that we can use to make others feel real magic!  This is a great anti-bullying show that never uses the word bully! We focus on the positive that words have! All in attendance will receive their own Top-Secret File Folder explaining how everything works as well as having the list of Magic words available at all times!

As an added bonus you can choose to have an additional trick to the one day wonder!  If you choose this option, all participants will receive a special magic trick designed by Discover Magic and the instructor will demonstrate the trick and teach the students how to perform the trick! These tricks sell for $12 each, but when you include with the One Day Wonder, they are discounted to $10 AND you get personal instruction!